our vision

We believe that humankind's biggest challenges will be solved through the action and collaboration of courageous individuals and communities.
We believe a new generation wants to take responsibility for a better future.
We believe in bottom-up momentum and decentralization and we’re building the tools to ignite this change together.

how we work


membership tiers for the community

  • Vested interest through time and / funding
  • Commitment to forming governance and foundations
  • Long term commitment with a focused mission
Founding members
  • Contributions through knowledge and expertise
  • Catalyst Forum as a central hub for sharing
  • Support startups with advice and thought leadership
  • Support the cause and leverage the network
  • Task orientated collaboration
  • Collaborate on all social channels
Community members

Building an open and inclusive economy, which incentives sharing and collaboration


What we do


to build a virtual and decentralized incubator

We bring the best of crowdfunding and VC funding into one new business model


AI learns which matchmaking makes sense to build the optimum team against a milestone plan

AI matchmaking

Compliance frameworks matched to territories and objectives


Vetted and incentivized community contributing value


community of the future

we are disrupting the status Quo

hacking our way to a better future

We are engineering the future network for collaboration and venture building. Our goal is to create an inclusive community of entrepreneurs,innovators, and venture builders, bonded together through shared values. We connect these change makers with ecosystem stakeholders, who can help them build amazing blockchain startups.


board members

a history of

André Hammen
CEO & Founder

André is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in product management. André founded Mandrill Media (2010) with a successful exit (2016). André served as a strategic advisor at Jarvis Exchange (2018). He also founded MZ3 (2016) and Hypergrowth Consulting (2016).

Anton Mozgovoy
Co-Founder & Technical Leader

Anton was a founder and CEO at Finlyt (2015) with a successful exit (2016). Later Anton become CTO of Humaniq (2017). Anton is a senior partner at Investment Network Company (2018) and serves as a mentor at FasterCapital (2018).

Alex Mrozinski
Co-Founder & Ecosystem Builder

Alex is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in marketing, sales and growth hacking. Alex serves as a Head of Business Development at MZ3 (2018), and is Co-Founder & CBDO at Hypergrowth Consulting (2018).

Jorge Quesada

Jorge hold a M.Sc. in Egineering and Electrics at University of Peru. Working on a Ph.D thesis with 6 publications including: a Combinatorial Separable Convolutional Dictionaries.

Lars Schulze
Marketing Advisor

Lars has 20+ years of experience in Marketing. Lars also holds an MBA at Brandenburg University of Applied Science. He was founding members of zanox which exited (2007) successfully for 215M€ to AxelSpringer and PubliGroup. Further he founded lars.biz media (2013), and is co-founder at UFOstart AG (2013).

Stoyan Genov
Technical Advisor

Stoyan has 20+ years of experience in IT with a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Varna Technical University. He served as an IT Director at Skrill (2008). Later became a CTO at SumUp (2013).Stoyan holds an advisory board position at Sofia Startup Cluster.

Tamas David-Barrett
Head of Science

Tamas has a MPhil in Economics at University of Cambridge and a PhD in Economics at Birkbeck University of London. Tamas served as a Head of Emerging Market FI Research at DZ Bank (1999). He later worked on his Postdoc at the University of Oxford (2012). Tamas served as a Research Director at the University of Santiago de Chile.

Maria Manolova
UX/UI Specialist

Maria has 10+ years of experience in UI&UX. She served as a lead web designer at MediaBASKET (2013). She is a lead UI/UX designer and co-founder at Boom-Makers.


building the community of

the future

At Metamorph we are building a network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and venture builders aimed at pushing humanity forward through decentralized technology. We connect these change makers with ecosystem stakeholders to help them build amazing blockchain startups.

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