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Venture Building

Metamorph is a Decentralized Venture Builder. Our network incubates and accelerates STO/ICOs.

Join our community of hackers, crypto evangelists, experts and company builders. We believe in decentralization and a community-driven approach to build token ecosystems.



Our Mission

  • Build a new decentralized model for a new generation of ventures in a new world
  • Change the game by democratizing access to funding for everyone
  • Open the floodgates to bring new capital that supports value for society
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The Metamorph cycle

Our name Metamorph comes from “Metamorphosis” - a cyclical process with each state constantly evolving into a future state, helped along by the communities we build around the ecosystem.


Community is the heart of Metamorph.

Designing Our Community

Currently we are onboarding members in various tiers - Founding members, Catalyst and Community members to spread the word and collaborate in our mission.


We are building an incentivized community for collaboration with startup projects. Here are some examples


Blockchain Architects

Experienced Blockchain Technologists shaping your project


Growth Hackers

Experienced ICO growth hackers to support the scaling of the project


Government Advisories

Media, political or policy expertise to assist and advise on best practise


Social Impact Leaders

Learning, development and measurement advice to create social change



Leaders in various fields to add depth to projects, provide recommendations and test ideas and theories



Access to capital through our network in the blockchain ecosystem



Legal Blockchain experts providing guidance and support



Helping you through the startup journey


Founders, Investors, Experts and Partners

Benefits For Stakeholders




  • One stop shop with compliant investors, partners, tools and support
  • Collaborate and get investment from people that understand & believe in your idea anywhere in the world
  • Less funding needed to execute because you have all the resources you need in one place



  • Exposure to expert vetted ventures that are compliant and create value
  • Guaranteed transparency from the outset
  • Invest in projects that have ROI to society



  • Get rewarded for creating value
  • Collaborate on moonshot projects
  • Alternative funding for passion project



  • Build a new venture ecosystem
  • Open long term potential for growth
  • Make funds available through the platform to foster early adoption

We are building a decentralized incubation system

Apply For BETA Testing

We are excited to announce that our Metamorph platform is in BETA to view and test to the Metamorph community.



We bring the best of crowdfunding and VC funding into one new business model



Vetted and incentivized community contributing value



Compliance frameworks matched to territories and objectives


AI matchmaking

AI learns which matchmaking makes sense to build the optimum team against a milestone plan



Traction To Date

metamorph connects a wide area of pain points which will soon address every aspect of our lives
— Bruno Conte
My very personal mission is to democratize funding for everyone and I want to change this in a radical way. Let the venture revolution begin!
— Maz Cohen
Sometimes I’m told my dreams are bold and crazy, with metamorph my dreams are just goals that we’re about to achieve.
— Janet Todorova


Our Tokens

Our tokens are called MATTER.

Because we believe investment in society and humanity matters.

We expect each token to carry a societal dividend to disrupt current systems and structures from the bottom up - creating a new wave of entrepreneurship benefiting communities and building value across new eco systems globally.




Watch this space for updates or read more on our blog




We are on a mission to spread the word of a decentralized future and possibilities for everyone. We kicked off our roadshow in Tallinn at the Latitude 59 festival sharing our story and gathering like minded people to collaborate.

Watch the 20 minute video by Maz Cohen on why our mission is important to society and a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Other dates

  • Tallinn - Latitude 59
  • Berlin - Blockshow (May 20th)
  • Sofia - Founders Institute (May 31st)
  • London - Tech Week (June11th)
  • Cologne - Pirate Summit (July 3-5th)
  • Berlin - #BlockchainPioneers hackathon (July 20-22nd)





  • Founding team formation
  • Beta product test - token issue utility


  • Alpha product live
  • Community and governance
  • Smart contracts
  • Core markets


  • Emerging market roll out
  • Blockchain accounting
  • Digital bank
  • Marketplace scaled


  • AI match making
  • Decentralized ecosystem - autonomous with protocol




André Hammen
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder


Chris Dietrich
Chief Operation Officer, Co-Founder


Maz Cohen
Strategy & Marketing


Janet Todorova
Head of Product


Sergio Espinosa
Venture Builder Executive


Svetlozar Argirov
Fullstack Developer

08 Krasi.png

Krasi Rangelov
Web Developer


Nikolay Lavrenov
Community Manager


Benno Aichele
Fintech Technology


Kirill Andriychuk
Business Intelligence


Philippe Boland
Media Strategist


Gustavo Betancourt
Business Development


Yana Yordanova
Social Media and Growth


Alex Mrozinski
Ecosystem Builder


Vladimir Stantchev
Chief Scientist - Cybersecurity


Bruno Conte

Social Enterprise Development


Lars Schulze
Strategy and Marketing


Petko Karamotchev

Enterprise Blockchain



Join Us

We are expanding exponentially and looking for people to become part of our decentralized team.

We are looking for those who believe passionately in the same vision as us and looking to disrupt the current systems to create a more open and inclusive society. For us values and ethics come first and the rest of the business will fall in place.

This comes with commitment and hard work - but we are looking for the very best talent to join the journey.



  • Blockchain architect / co-founder - Sofia
  • AI researchers - Sofia
  • Operations Rockstar - COO - Sofia, Berlin, New York City
  • Ecosystem builder - blockchain startup - Berlin, Prague, Warsaw
  • Partnership brokers - Sofia
  • Deal Scout - Sofia